Trying to master Spanish?

Whenever I go to the store or have an opportunity I try to speak to people in Spanish. It just seems that when it comes to trying to say something new I get scared and revert to English. An example of this is when I was trying to ask a gentleman what a certain phrase he had said meant in English. I had no idea how to say it, and spent 5 minutes trying to ask him in Spanish which was a fail. Not knowing how to say things, pronounce things, and readily able to translate things I would say in English into Spanish make me more hesitant to speak Spanish.

On the other hand I might try to talk to someone I know speaks Spanish (through hearing them speak to someone else in Spanish), and they just talk to me in English. I will listen to Spanish music, when I am home trying to hear the words they are saying. I will also in my head try to understand what they mean, which for me is trying to translate it back to English.

I am just having trouble find the best way to be Fluent in Spanish. I would like to be able to talk to anybody in Spanish and fully understand what they are saying. Looking for advice.

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    2 years ago

    Woww sir or ma'am, I totally admire you... not many people have the courage to speak a foreign language with people who speak such language in a native way. Now, I don't know if maybe you're thinking that they don't want to speak Spanish with you out of rudeness or something similar..however maybe they don't want to impose their language upon you ... after all, many americans dislike the spanish language , for instance i have heard americans who get super mad because when they call a credit company they are told to press 1 for english and 2 for spanish..So, maybe next time you should let them know that you would like to practice your spanish with them...

    I definitely think that the best way to learn a foreign language is by having the courage to speak it with natives.. i say this because I have tried learning foreign languages on my own.. and i don't think is that hard learning to read and write a language... but learning to "listen" and "speak" a language is something very challenging , in order to master those skills you need to practice with natives.

    It also surprises me that you listen to songs in Spanish... I'm wondering if your spanish level is advanced... i mean, normally people who aren't advanced won't dare to speak with natives or to try to listen to songs in such language...I sincerely admire your determination...

    When you hear people speaking in spanish, are you able to tell their nationality by hearing their accent? i ask you this because if you live in the U.S., most likely you're used to mexican accent....I'm south american and i find the mexican accent easy to understand... however puerto rican, cuban, argentinian, and chilean accents are difficult to understand... they pronounce the words in a strange way and their idioms aren't easy to understand so my advice for you would be to not try to start conversations with people from those nationalities otherwise you are going to get frustrated even if your spanish is pretty good ! i mean, even native spanish speakers have a hard time understanding those accents! but i realize that you like challenges so won't be surprised if one of these days you decided to start a conversation with a chilean..

    I'd advice you to watch tv news in spanish, usually people who present the news speak a spanish which is easy to understand but at the same time they use a sophisticated spanish which could help you to enrich your vocabulary. If you're an intermediate spanish level, then you could watch spanish tv shows with subtitles in english, for instance, tv network "tbs" allows you to watch many of their shows with spanish dialogues, all you need is look for the "Sap" function in your remote...

    I wish you the best.

    God bless you

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