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Drywall Repair - does this look like a good job is underway?

My homeowners association is repairing the drywall in my condo after a kitchen flood. The bottom part of the drywall and the baseboard had to be torn out. Two workers have come in and put in new drywall, and nailed it in. They then "splatched on" something that look like plaster mud and told me that they will sand it on Monday. I did not see them taping the joints or spending much time applying coats of plaster. When I asked them if the final work will be smooth, they said "well, smoother than this, but you will know where we applied the repair when you pait". Please see the photo. My question is this -- is this an acceptable repair job? How much better will it look after they sand the compound they put on?

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  • Edwena
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    2 years ago
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    No. The joints should be taped and floated (mud, not plaster) several times so that the surfaces of the sheetrock conform. Then sanded to get rid of anything that will show. Then they apply a texture to match the existing surface. This texture can be applied so that the repair is invisible. May take some skill and a couple of applications to get it right, but it can be done so that you will never see it, even if you know it is there. Then the paint can be matched perfectly to the existing wall color. If it is off simply repaint the wall from corner to corner, and you will not see any color change. The paint job extends down almost to the floor, depending upon how much they care. Then the base board covers the paint job as the last thing done. Sometime earlier, they should have gotten the baseboard back into finished condition so that it can be attached. Patch a couple of nail holes, touch up paint and it is finished. What is goin on is that the repair is low and hard to do if they have a belly. On their hands and knees. Awkward.

  • 2 years ago

    smooth the work out,put a bead of silicone caulk along the joint,then baseboard,I'd drill out a hole in the quarter round through the tile so a nail can grab down into the plywood floor underlayment,then prime & paint both,a bead of silicone beneath the quarter round

  • 2 years ago

    what they used was probably joint compound [which is a form of premixed plaster]. after sanding, it'll be just as smooth as the rest of your walls. what you'll likely see is the line between the old work and the new work -- that's fairly difficult to cover so it doesn't show.

    be sure to prime the newly done area before painting. and you might want to paint just the new area -- let it dry for a few days -- and then repaint the entire wall.

    and yes -- i would have taped all the joints when i did the work. of course, to get it truly perfect, i'd also have taken a belt sander to the edges of the old work -- to take off the existing joint compound before i put the tape on. being careful like that isn't often done -- costs too much

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  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Going by what I see in the photo, I do not see anything wrong. To do the job and make it look good does take time and once this is smoothed out, painted and base board in place it will look good.

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  • Eva
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    2 years ago

    Since it's so close to the floor, a tall baseboard should cover the joint.

  • 2 years ago

    Wait for the sanding and baseboards. It's likely just fine.

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