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Is there a list of Titanic survivors who died of PTSD after?Ie Lookout suicided 50 years later,& Archie Gracie's nervous breakdown & death?

within a year, those for whom surviving is a relative term, who (in effect) died in the sinking,,, years afterwards?? I've no limit on how long, though if there were OTHER personal tragedies between the sinking & the deceased, please list. Since of course EVERYONE had PTSD to varying degrees later, I'm only asking for those whose Decease is easily linked. Anyone who died of these causes due to a LOVED ONE, but not themselves personally can also be added, just pop an asterisk in front of the name, two asterisks if the person had a pre-existing heartbreak BEFORE the event.


I guess I can count destruction of reputation and social life also,,,,

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    The condition wasn't understood at the time when Titanic sank, so you won't find any reference to PTSD in records. There are many sad stories of hardships after the ship sank, but people were much more stoic back then. Many crew who survived had to go right back to sea to make a living once more, and families of crew who lost loved ones were often poverty stricken and really struggled. But all of this was part and parcel of life as it was lived in the early years of the 1900s.

    Soldiers who suffered PTSD as a result of the trauma of battles, in many wars, were just left to get on with it, and any who had obvious mental issues were said to be 'shellshocked'.

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    2 years ago

    Shortened life expectancy, like the other lookout, AND Archibald Grace?

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    2 years ago

    No, there is no such list.

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    50 yeas is a long time. It is doubtful if that had anything to do with the Titanic. how could anyone nowadays possibly know that anyway?

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    2 years ago

    PTSD is one of the most overused terms in medicine today- It was originally used by a doctor to describe the collection of extreme symptoms the result of people being totally stressed out by their direct experiences (such as those soldiers suffering from shell shock in WW1 - or seeing comrades blown to bits by IEDs in modern wars)

    PTSD NOT being an illness in itself but just the name given to collection of illnesses -

    NOW its become - "I am suffering from PTSD cos I have had trouble sleeping after my friend died under tragic circumstances"

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