How to send a wedding save the date message?

I have set a date for my wedding but not gonna send the invitations out for s couple of months. I want to send a WhatsApp to my closest friends to make sure they are free.

I don't know why but I keep thinking the messages I want to send are lame. Thinking of saying "hey save the date for our wrdding! 20th September! Does that sound ok?

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  • Linda
    Lv 6
    2 years ago

    One our grand daughters is getting married this July - she has ALREADY sent out Save The Date postcards.

    The invitations won't be mailed until a few months before the wedding.

  • 2 years ago

    I'm still stuck on your 1st sentence. You say you've "set a date", but then say you don't want to announce it until you're sure your posse can make it. If this is true, you have not "set a date" and you shouldn't use those words. You're asking them to commit to something you haven't committed to yourself!

    Instead, just call them and tell them you're thinking of Sept 20 for your wedding and are they aware of anything that might prevent them from attending on that date?

    If I'm reading this wrong and you're locked into Sept 10 FOR SURE, that's when you can ask them to "save the date".

  • 2 years ago

    Proper wedding invitations are mailed 8-10 weeks before the wedding. Your closest friends don't need "save the date" messages.. they KNOW you're getting married and they all know the date...


    A "save the date" is a courtesy message that you send to people who may need to book vacation time or make travel arrangements.

  • 2 years ago

    No. Please no. What'sApp is not the means for this. For 99% of all people, they can arrange to attend a wedding withing int 6-8 weeks after they get the actual inviation. If there are specific people who might need extra time to arrange their schedules or make travel arrangements, you should simply call each one personally.

    Also, either you have booked your wedding and locked in the date or you have not. If you are trying to find out if a particular date works for a handfull of people before you make the date offical, then, again, you should call each one and talk to them.

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  • Jerry
    Lv 7
    2 years ago

    However you might word this, it's still canned spam. So please don't do it. These are people you KNOW, so don't treat them like strangers. Contact them PERSONALLY, not with a mass mailing or a general announcement. Think about it: If someone you felt close to was hosting a big party in July, how would you rather hear about it? A PERSONAL phone call, email, or letter from this person that was specifically for YOU? Or some "CC to all" generic message?

    Call or write to these people and speak to them personally as individuals. "Hi Chris, how are you? ... I'm calling to let you know that Lee McGee and I will be marrying in Oklahoma City on June 31st. Expect an invitation for you and Pat in early May. I hope you'll both be able to come!" This is not only a lot more considerate than "spamming" people you care about, it also alerts these people that the invitation will be for Chris and Pat only, not for their children.

    Please be very cautious about telling people to expect an invitation. Once you do that, it would be wrong to NOT invite them. Better to invite someone at the last minute than to tell people you will invite them and then try to withdraw that commitment.

  • g
    Lv 7
    2 years ago

    Presumably you can just tell your closest friends, then send actual invitations when the time comes.

  • 2 years ago

    The only time you need to send a "save the date" message is if your wedding is going to be far away from where you currently live.

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    I prefer softer language for these kinds of things. Something like, "We are officially tying the knot on 20th September and would love for you to share our special day. More details to come; stay tuned..."

    I actually think point-blank instructing people to "save the date" is a wee bit rude and presumptuous.

    There is a significant semantic difference between telling someone that you intend to invite them and telling them what to do.

  • 2 years ago

    That's fine. I would also tell them where it'll be (meaning, the venue(s) and city). And if they need to book a hotel, send out the hotel block info as well.

    If you have not yet booked a ceremony and reception location(s), then you don't have a "date" for people to hold. So do that first.

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