Did 3million people get freed from Egypt in the bible story by Moses .?

Or is that a myth . I read a story were Joseph the Israelite was sold as a slave and then later he tells Pharaoh a dream and Pharaoh makes him high . then some more Israelites come and turn into people Moses freed in the bible story . But 630,000 warriors left 430 years later . My question is how can 70 people turn into 630,000 in 430 years . that is 9000 times as many . Population charts should a doubling from 1000BC thru 500BC .

But not 50,000,000 turning into 450 trillion or 9000 times as many


OK - Nothing but scripture from believers . Thanks for nothing

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    2 years ago
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    Seems to be a myth, no other evidence supports the Exodus.

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    9 months ago

    that is why the Egyptians made slaves of the Israelites as they were breeding so profusely they were scared the Israelites would take over.

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    10 months ago

    It’s nappy time you stupid troll

  • 2 years ago

    That's how the population of the world grew. Do you have any idea of how many family members your family added in just 100 years?

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  • David
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    2 years ago

    I agree there is sparse information about the period when Moses lived in Egypt, but most of the problem has been looking in the wrong Dynasty because of the innumerable mistakes in Egyptian chronology. They have been looking in the 18th & 19th Dynasties but Moses has finally been found in the 12th Dynasty. You're not keeping up.

    But even if the story of Exodus were true, critics will still say it only proves they lived there, nothing more. This may be true from a single excerpt, but what do you think the entire population of Hebrews were doing in Egypt, shopping? They were probably slaves building the foundations for the pyramids, according to the evidence.

    Here are some empirical facts instead of links and empty opinions and videos.

    Leiden Museum in Holland.

    Papyrus # 348 Documents Hebrew slaves building monuments in Egypt

    Papyrus # 344 Ipuwer Documents the 10 plagues.

    Brooklyn Museum

    Brooklyn Papyrus 35.1446 Contains list of slaves - more than half Hebrew names including one Midwife named in Exodus.

    I also should mention historians who cited sources from the Library at Alexandria confirming Hebrew slaves in Egypt. Two of these historians (Eusebius and Artapanus) specifically name Moses as Egyptian royalty.

    Corroborating the Bible, this evidence solidifies the fact of Hebrew slaves in Egypt, but still does not address the Exodus, through the end of the life of Moses.

    The story of the Walls of Jericho has been verified by three different international teams over several decades. Every detail of the story from the Bible that could be verified from such a dig has been affirmed. All of the walls were down except the North wall, probably where Rahab lived. Any invading army other than Joshua would have taken the valuable pots of oil and grain before burning the city. The storage pots were full, ready for a year-long siege behind strong walls, but their walls came down, exactly as depicted in the Bible.

    Accurate, detailed, verifiable truth with empirical scientific evidence, testable, repeatable, confirmed and verified evidence. I can now properly ASSUME the other parts of the story in the Bible I can't prove or disprove are likely true also.

    What is the significance of this, other than forming a proper belief in the truth and facts of the evidence of reality historically? Jericho is the end result of the Exodus, for which evidence has never before been found and ASSUMED to be myth, but is now fact; similarly to Moses and Noah.

    Interesting note to your latter question: If we count the generations back to Noah, it would be about 150. The Flood was roughly 4,500 years ago. Average generation span of 30 years. Divide 30 into 450, and you get 150 generations. Sure, it's a rough estimate, coincidence that it's so accurate (like most of the Bible)?


    Have you even heard of science contradicting the Bible in the last hundred years? No, just silly headlines that get retracted on page twelve. Or are you even aware that NO archaeological discovery has EVER contradicted the Bible? You are being ridiculous and haven't even looked at the scoreboard, science corrects itself (proven incorrect) almost daily, the truth of the Bible has been set in stone for two millennia. Still not sure how the Pope and other religions are so adept at giving the traditions and bias of men the same authority as Scripture.

    Hey, and we didn't have to dig up the Bible, it's been right there all along, the OT Bible the same as what the Prophets carried in scroll form (proven by the Dead Sea Scrolls), a miracle even with today's technology, a miracle it even applies today, even more true than two thousand years ago (Creation becomes alive again with technology, for example, or with scientific evidence for Biogenesis as another). Silly men attacking the Bible, the skeptics of millennia, proven irrelevant background noise, post-modern chattering.

    Let man continue tinkering in their labs, thousands of experiments to assert abiogenesis ending in failure since Pasteur, trying to achieve the impossible. Damn lie if you think lab tests today prove evolution a billion years ago. Prove it. But if and when scientists actually do produce life from non-life in the lab the only thing they will have succeeded in doing is demonstrating life as a product of intelligent design... Which is exactly what the theists have been saying all along!

    In other words, the success of abiogenesis has no bearing on evolution today tomorrow or yesterday, confirmed by Crick who said that the human genome CANNOT occur randomly by chance. Evolution is left w/o a cause, a mechanism, and w/o a beginning is a complete failure to even begin. What is it you're even talking about? OPINIONS? Ah, post-modern chattering.

  • 2 years ago

    It's like you said, "I read a story" etc. that told these things. Was this story made up by man? The Bible does not say the exact number of those who left Egypt after the 430 years of their residency. In fact, you will not find the number of women and children numbered anywhere in the Scriptures. People are gullible, they believe what other people say or books they may read. When we were growing up, our dad told us not to believe anything we heard and only half of what we see. I have found that to be very good counsel for me. When Jesus fed a crowd only the number of men were said to be "about 5,000 men, besides women and children." The next time he fed a crowd of "4,000 men, besides women and young children." (Matthew 14;21 + 15:38) When the King of Assyria, Sennacherib, had intended to conquer Jerusalem King Hezekiah prayed fervently to Jehovah and see what happened. We are told at 2Kings 19:35: "And it came about on that night that the angel of Jehovah proceeded to go out and strike down a hundred and eighty-five thousand in the camp of the Assyrians. When the people rose up early in the morning, why, there all of them were dead carcasses." The angel allowed Sennacherib to live, but his sons later killed him. (36+37) Men lie and give their own opinions, but God never lies sot the Bible, being "inspired of God, (truly is) beneficial for teaching, for reproving, for setting things straight...." (2Timothy 3:16) Men and women write myths and tales; not so with our Creator and life-sustainer, Jehovah. I invite you to learn more about what the Bible teaches from the international website, jw.org and Bible Teachings > Bible Questions Answered. If you believe what you learned, you can join the more than 10 million who are presently studying the Bible. Yes, Jehovah's Witnesses are preaching and teaching people from North Pole to Antarctica in obedience to Jesus' prophecy of Matthew 24:14. You can request your free personal Bible study online or from the next witness who knocks on your door or by visiting your neighborhood Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. There is never a collection taken and all are welcome. Thank you for this question.

  • 2 years ago

    About 2.4 million Israelites leaving Egypt is a very large multitude, but the number is a reasonable estimate. The ordinary proportion of people fit to go to war in a general population is one in four, and 600,000 x 4 = 2,400,000. We know that, while the Hebrews were in Egypt, they were “fruitful and increased greatly; they multiplied and grew exceedingly strong, so that the land was filled with them” (Exodus 1:7). In fact, the Hebrews were so numerous that the Pharaoh feared that Egypt would be overwhelmed in the event of a slave uprising (verses 8–10).

    Source(s): gotquestions.org
  • 2 years ago

    If you add the numbers in, duh, Numbers you'll find slightly over 600,000 Jews left Egypt in what is known as the Exodus. Nowhere close to 3 million.

    But the whole story is a myth. Even the Jews admit there is no archaeological evidence to support that hundreds of thousands of people wandered around the deserts of the Middle East for decades.

  • 2 years ago

    There hasn't been any evidence to support the book of Exodus at all and it isn't for not looking either. This includes Egyptian historical records and archeological evidence.

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Oddly, Egyptian historians never heard of such a thing occurring. Imagine that.

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