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Why is the international media so biased against India?

BBC, Al Jazeera, CBC, New York Times, Washington Post, etc all refuse to assertively state that Abhinandan shot down Shahaz Ud Din's F-16. They also say that the Balakot strikes were a failure. Why do are they so biased?

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    Probably because no evidence suggests that any F-16 has been shot down.

    1) The widely circulated image that India claimed to be a F-16 turned out to be a MIG-21.

    2) There is no evidence to suggest that WC Shahzaz ever existed, let alone was shot down. The former Air Marshall had 2 sons, neither was named Shahzaz.

    3) Debris of the supposed AMRAAM missile is a) unverified b) only proves an F-16 was used, not that it was shot down.

    4) The story of a PAF pilot being lynched is highly improbable. It's all based of a FB post, which was partially discredited by wrongly naming the pilot Shahaz.

    5) India refuses to show any evidence of the F-16 going down, while calling those who want evidence "traitors". Name-calling is not credible evidence.

    6) Lockheed Martin's shares did not drop after the alleged downing by a vintage jet.

    On a side note, if Abhinandan was such an amazing pilot that he shot down a F-16, why would he be poor enough to be shot down?

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    INDIA !

    Very rapey country.

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    Fake news agencies like that have an obsession with bowing down to Islam while likewise they have an obsession with hating on great leaders like Modi and Trump.

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    India is one big toilet tub with excrement running down the streets while they send space shuttles to the moon, even the romans had sanitaries over 2000 years ago

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    Because the present Indian government is useless.

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    It is part of a general agenda against targeted ethnic groups.

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