Can you explicate the differences between Coleman Hawkins' early and later styles of saxophone playing?


. . . seeing as he started out in the pre-Louis Armstrong era and then went on to jam with Dizzy Gillespie . . .

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    He played in the then popular slap tonguing style with Fletcher Henderson in the 1920s, moved on to swing in the 1930s, and approached bop in the 40s. One of his earliest memorable solos was Hello, Lola in 1929, with the Mound City Blue Blowers with a line up that's hard to believe.

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      It varied. On this record it was Peewee Russell, clt; Red MacKenzie, blue blower ( a sort of kazoo); Glenn Miller, trb; Coleman Hawkins, ts; Eddie Condon, bjo; Gene Krups, dms. I think the cast is listed under the picture if you click SEE MORE.

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