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Question about MEDICAID and Health insurance. My moms surgery ?

If someone could please help me, I'd appreciate it! Hospitals are complete scams, so I'm deeply in need of helpx

My mom had surgery in February. During that time she had HealthSource Insurance but not Medicaid yet. It's 2 different insurances but they go together, just in case 1 works and the other doesn't.

Anyways, her HealthSource insurance is not free. She pays $130 per month for insurance. But now that she has Medicaid , why does she even have to pay? If Medicaid covers everything? Now that she does have Medicaid , can she use that to cover her past bills ? Does it matter that her surgery happened during the time when she didn't have her Medicaid yet?

Also, I personally had a past bill. They sent me a MEDICAID and it paid my past bill. Why can't they pay for my momes?

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    Medicaid can be approved to cover 3 months of retroactive bills. It appears that your mom did not get this kind of approval.

    There are different kind of medicaid- it either pays 100% or is a cost share program. It sounds like your mom has the cost share plan and needs to keep her other insurance also.

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    Medicaid can cover treatment retroactively...but has she applied for and been granted Medicaid? As of what date? Did you submit any of these bills to Medicaid?

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