Going from a 2014 tc to a 93 Civic?

I currently own a TC that needs a new tranny, I've already put a new engine in it (Bought it from the auction with a bad engine). I am considering fixing the transmission and eventually boosting it, if I can still find a turbo kit for it when the time comes. Something came up to get a running auto 93 civic, for $600, which needs a little body work. I'm am really considering buying that selling the tc and eventually do b or k series swap and use it as my daily driver. Looking for advice. Both cars are very reliable, especially when setup properly.

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  • 1 year ago

    You need two cars at least for a while! One project and one daily driver.

    While I don't own any of the ones you mention, I can relate. Get one vehicle that can be used for a parts runner. My parts runner is a old (94) Ford ranger. It can haul engines, transmissions and has a boom hoist in the bed.

    Second piece of advice is that you need two of one make and model. One to keep together for reference and the other in the works. More then once all of us forget how something was before we took it apart. Having one that is still all together solves the problem.

    So get the Honda to use as a driver till you can get the TC back on the road. The thing is I am not sure the Honda can tote engines and transmissions around or other parts you might need.

  • Jason
    Lv 7
    1 year ago

    I've rebuilt several of those 62TE transmissions. What's wrong with it?

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