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How long does it take to cross the bridge into manhattan during rush hour?

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    From the Bronx a few minutes to cross the bridge. The other ones 30 minutes to an hour is normal.

    Of course you know you have a lot of road before and after the bridge you have to navigate. The bridge part is just a short part 10-15 minutes on the bridge over water part.

    You can ride a bike across some of them in 10 to 15 minutes.

  • Scott
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    7 months ago

    From where? There are several bridges into Manhattan.

  • Mike
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    7 months ago

    Since I hadn't taken it in many years, I decided to drive over the 59th Street Bridge and save the toll. From Queens Plaza to 59th Street took an hour.

  • DON W
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    7 months ago

    From New Jersey, you have one bridge into Manhattan: the George Washington. During rush hour it is very slow.

    From New Jersey, you also have two tunnels into Manhattan: the Lincoln and the Holland. During rush hour they are very slow.

    From Brooklyn, you have one tunnel and three bridges into Manhattan. While slow, they are a bit better on average than the bridges and tunnels from New Jersey.

    From Queens, you have two bridges and one tunnel into Manhattan. Again slow, although on average a bit better than from New Jersey.

    From the Bronx, you have a number of small bridges i(I believe 8 in number) into Manhattan. They are a bit better on average.

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  • Joseph
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    7 months ago

    This morning it took over an hour to cross George Washington Bridge, and the rush hour didn't really start yet.

  • Mark
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    7 months ago

    It depends on if there is an accident or not. While there is only one bridge crossing from NJ, there are also two tunnels, but there are several bridges (and one tunnel) that come in from Brooklyn.

  • 7 months ago

    Which bridge? There is more than one bridge that enters Manhattan. There are several.

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