I have 2 white 2red 2black and 2green in ceiling. 1white 1 blue and 1 black on fan w/light Help please?

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  • 1 year ago

    READ the directions that come with the fan and light. How you wire it up depends on the switch and its wiring.

    the fan's ground connects to green. the fan's white, to both whites in the ceiling -- ASSUMING they are plain white [see below].

    red and black -- get out your multi-tester and figure out what they do, including the various wall switch positions. Note that one of the lines in the ceiling box might be sending power to the next overhead light somewhere while one comes from the breaker box.

    "normal" practice in last few decades is for the hot line from the breaker box to connect to same color going to the wall switch but NOT to the fixture. the return line from the wall switch [should be either red or black, but might be white with red/black striping] goes to the fixture.

    if a dual switch has been installed in advance using 14/3 cable, the second return line from the switch is for the light -- that way one of the switches engages the light and the other the fan -- separately

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  • roger
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    1 year ago

    The light uses the blue and white wires. The fan uses the white and black wires. The bare wire should be connected to the green wire. If you do not have a separate switch for the light then connect the black to the blue and to the black wire(s) coming from the ceiling . Connect the whites together. Connect the bare wire from the fan to the green wire.

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  • 1 year ago

    Is there a switch controlling this???

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