Is it possible to get a decent job right out college?

What I mean is can I get a job right out of College without practical work experience? So, I am either going to major in Accounting or computer engineering but I am working as a Teacher in a daycare right now. I know we all worked crazy jobs to get us through college but will potinional employers see my past work experience and push me to the side because it has nothing to do with what I am applying for even if I do have the degree. Really though I am just trying to pay my way through college attempting not to get hundred thousand dollars or more in debt. I am a non traditional student. Everything is planned out except what going to happen after I graduate. I am working full time during the day and taking classes at night. I do homework in the morning seeing as I don't get home till some time after midnight and study during my lunch break and while the children are sleeping. It is perfect right now until I have to think of graduation. I know that none of knows what is going to happen in the future but it dosn't hurt to be prepared. I just don't want to waste all that money not to be able to get a career with the degree I worked so hard for. Thank you everyone for taking the time and sharing your knowledge and opinions with me.

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  • 1 year ago

    Yes, it is, but it is harder without an internship or some experience. Here's the deal -- employers hire talent. They hire skills, ability, and attitude. There are two ways to demonstrate you have those: 1) a BA/BS degree from a reputable university, and 2) real world experience and references.

    The good news is that you are showing a good work ethic, focus, and time management by working and going to school -- even if your work isn't directly related to your major. Since you having even selected your major, you really need to think about your financial situation, if you are willing to get loans, and if you are willing to give up your daycare job to take an internship or part-time job closer to your field of interest once you have some skills.

  • Squid
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    1 year ago

    Computer Engineering is the hardware side of things, plugging in wires and replacing broken keyboards. That sort of thing. You end up working at Best Buy or as a cable guy for 30 or 40k. Change that to Computer Science and you end up with the number one most in demand degree and you are practically guaranteed your choice of jobs in the 75-95k range.

  • Bill
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    1 year ago

    you will not get a job that your degree is good for unless you are working in that area

    now if youn want a leg in , try making applications for many positions along where you expect to be on graduation so that prospective employers have heard of you and your grades

    It is all about preparation and forward planning

  • 1 year ago

    i started getting practical work experience at 14. look into signing up with a temp agency for the summer and specifically ask to be assigned to an accounting office if that is the work you are interested in.

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