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Please help -passport extension entering Thailand?


I am currently holding a Philippine passport and travelling to Thailand really soon, however I need to extend my passport otherwise the passport validity will only valid for 4 months on the day I’m entering Thailand.

My question is if there will be any problem if I use an extended passport (with extension stamp) to enter Thailand immigration?

Thank you

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    Yes, you can as long as your extension shows that you will have 6 months remaining once you leave Thailand.

    Extension of Passport Validity. If you have to travel while your application for a new passport is being processed, you may apply for an extension of the validity of your current passport. A passport can be extended only once and must not have been expired for more than 3 months.

    Be aware that a Philippines female traveling alone to Thailand will cause the immigration authorizes to look closely as to why you are going. Both in the Phillippines and in Thailand. They have been known to come here to work in the bars.

    Source(s): Live in Thailand.
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    i would ask irnrnigration about all this

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