Was my shyness around women a sign about future issues I was gonna have in life?

As a boy I was felt a great sense of shame to be interested in girls. So much so I believed I should rather not look interested so I pretended in order to avoid getting teased or bullied by my cousin sisters and host of other cousin brothers and sisters I had. Fast forward I was struggling to come to terms with my interest and attraction towards girls in my class, instead I was stealing looks and my anxiety was so bad when I had face them my eyes went all over the place and I became conscious of it and freak out more & people noticed.

I was labelled a pervert. I still couldn't talk to the opposite sex, I couldn't be near them because I was denying normal curiosity and interests so I was maladaptive I had become avoidant but at the same time we unable to control my interests so it naturally turned out to be very creepy. I couldn't stay on my first job. I couldn't Socialise because I couldn't explain what was happening, I avoided meeting people because I couldn't explain. My self worth and confidence hit rock bottom I couldn't attend interviews, at the ones I did I was sweating and felt nauesous. If I did get a job I'd quit within 3 months.. the longest 6 months after fighting my anxious thoughts Al that time.

Now At 34 I stay at home doing nothing but brood, ruminate and painfully staring at walls while **** scared to tell anyone what's happening besides my therapists and they cannot help me much because my social support, my family and no one else.

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  • 6 months ago

    Please see a doctor thanks and a psychologist

    To explore your feelings thanks.


    Very Best Wishes


    Source:) Personal views sited

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