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I’m a 24 yr old girl with social anxiety and lacks social skills. I don’t know how to interact. Is there any way on how I can change myself?

I feel nervous or afraid and tired when I have to interact with someone. People think I have attitude and no one speaks to me in college. I don’t have the confidence to talk to people. People find me boring. I am reserved and have only 1 friend in life( because we know each other since we were 7 yrs old).Some people in college call me weird and laugh at me.I like being alone but at the same time I don’t want others to see me alone and want to have friends.Hence I often hide myself in unusual places in college like terrace or any other place where no one is seen(dusty places). Sometimes I feel frustrated about this and start crying.Is there anything wrong with me? Please help.

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    No, there is nothing wrong with you. That is a normal response to living in the pathological social situation we're in.

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    I’m the same way.

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    1 year ago

    Talk to people even if it's a hello. Just say hello. Then you'll get to reallize that talking to people isn't bad. I used to have social anxiety stemming from autism. Granted my autism isn't that bad.

    Also, tale a meyers-briggs personality test. Of you find that you simply don't like talking to people then interact with things as a career.

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    It seems to me you have acute social anxiety, but you may also be highly introverted. The first can be treated, the second is more deeply ingrained as part of your nature.

    If all this is accompanied with feelings of persecution or if you are obsessed with conspiracy theories, that would suggest paranoia.

    Either one requires treatment. Social anxiety can be addresses with coaching, practice, and various exercises to boost confidence. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is very useful for this. Talk to your school counselor; your school health insurance might cover the cost.

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    There is nothing wrong with you.

    I literally have the same things like anxiety, and the lack of social skills, and zero confidence in myself.

    You shouldn’t have to change anything about yourself, there is only one of you, and that’s all there’s ever going to be.

    There is someone, or maybe many people that think that your perfect out there.

    You just gotta push yourself past the anxiety, and lack of social skills and anything else that is bugging you. Your honestly perfect in someone’s eyes, you just gotta find those people.

    I hope this helps.

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    Sometimes i am like this. Sometimes i just dont like to talk. And i like to be alone. Im sure your not the only one who is like this at your school and it could help to make friends with someone who you have things in common with. When someone is looking at you just say hi. Compliment people sometimes "i like your shoes". Take part in some campus activities.

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    Get a friendly dog and take it walking every day.

  • Dylan
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    1 year ago

    You can change your self.

    You seem to have an attitude.

    You are weird.

    I don't know if something is wrong with you or it's just problematic thoughts and actions that can be fixed.

  • Get involved in an activity that will improve your confidence, like sports, art, or whatever it may be... Make sure you feel good about it. Otherwise you'll be just like this 👇

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