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Alabama anti-abortion law. If rape victims are forced to raise the baby then...?

...are the rapists forced to pay child support? And would they get visitation rights? Or will the women be punished for her fornication sin?

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  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    nobody is forced to raise a baby. They just are not allowed to kill them. Adoption, foster care, all other forms of birth control and abstinence are legal. If you allowed victims of rate to murder their babies, the amount af false rape accusations would skyrocket to the point of overwhelming the legal system, and already most accusations are false ones. In Britain where they take false rape accusations very seriously and the offenders are jailed, They find that most rape allegations are made up and false. Also rape is such a small fraction of abortions cases..less than .1% it is absurd to use that as way to Make it ok for the rest of society to condone murder. There is no punishment or law against "fornication sin", only murder. also there are plenty of laws on the books that make both parents, or one of them depending who has custody or is the legal guardian pay child support.

  • jimmy
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    7 months ago

    Women will go to another state for an abortion.

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      Abortion across state lines? Now it's the FBI's jurisdiction, lol

  • Yep

    Conservatives love to give rapists "father's rights."

  • 7 months ago

    Nobody’s forcing women to have or raise babies.

    Just because you can’t kill your own child in utero doesn’t mean anyone is forcing you to do anything.


    Got that?

    No-one’s punishing them. They are *choosing* to have sex.

    So you’re saying, no-one knows that pregnancy is caused by sex?


    That’s what you’re saying?

    You’re openly admitting yourself to be stupid.

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      Women who get raped are making a choice? So, when you move into a neighborhood are you legally required to go door to door and inform all your neighbors? If not, you should be.

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  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    No. The regulations are not directed towards men.

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      ...Christians why? You notice that abortion is NEVER mentioned in the bible ever? Not once? AND nowhere does it say that punishment is due for being raped. Rape isn't even mentioned either.

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