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What's strange or wrong about wanting to drive @ age 35?

I'm 35 & am tired of taking the bus for so many years. I don't even have easy access to cars, like other people. People think I'm crazy & strange & think I'm obsessed with wanting to drive & have my own car so badly. What's wrong with that?

I'm tires of abusive, cruel public transit bus drivers.

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  • k w
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    1 year ago
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    go to library, to consumers reports best buy book, in the reference section, the best bets on used cars, you'll likely find a decent car, not perfect but decent.....and you won't waste your money......they did all the work, searched the dealers repair records, so look at the price point you can afford, then do it.....

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  • 1 year ago

    You are "tires" huh (?) [sorry, could not resist.] So learn to drive, and buy a car. You are still young enough.

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    • SumDude
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      How am I a hypocrite ? I made a lightweight joke about your Freudian slip. P S I know believe that I know why you think public transit personnel are abusive and cruel. Road rage is deadly !!

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  • It's older than most new drivers

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