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Should I hang out by myself if I dont have the resources to support hanging out with friends.?

Little things like paying for a cup of coffe I cant , or go out for a drink or watch a movie I dont like feeling like a burden.

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    It's not about money. It's about hanging out in other people's company. Understand that and remember that you are welcomed by them.

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    Maybe get a job or a better one? Or a second job I have three jobs myself. Not much free time, either but i get out and do entertaining things sometimes.

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    Some people don’t mind paying for you, and as long as you personally know that you’re not that person that’s taking advantage of someone and you explain to them that you’re appreciative of what they’re doing for you then it’s fine. Just tell them that you appreciate it. I know when I have money and someone doesn’t; I’m not thinking of them taking advantage really. It’s how much I value the person and the time with them. Or not.

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