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Rico tip openings larger than other brands?

After 3 years of playing alto sax I decided to change my mouthpiece (I know kinda late). I wasn t just looking for mouthpieces but also some other equipment like reeds, ligatures, cleaning kit, etc. Since I don t really have the budget of a proper musician, I have found interest in the Rico Metalite M7. Problem is it s tip opening is .090" (" assuming means inches) which is 2.3 (rounded off) in mm. Based on a mouthpiece chart I saw online most were from 1.6 to 2.1. Is the Metalite really just having a big tip opening? For users is it easy to use? Should I consider same price-range mouthpieces? Thanks for the advice. (I can t buy m5 because it is sold out on my local amazon and amazon US would simply be too expensive)


I forgot to mention my old mouthpiece. It is a Conn Goldentone #3.

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    Go to Weiner Music, and look at the charts they have of all their reed mouthpieces and facings. It might clarity for you.

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