My bf and I have been together for 2 and half years. What does it mean if he won’t break up with me, but is unsure he wants to be with me?

we had a few arguments recently, But he always tells me he loves me so much and I mean everything to him. We talk everyday and hang out multiple times a week. He gave me a ring in January. Recently he told me he doesn’t know what he wants with us anymore, but the week before he was fine. He said he has love for me and cares about me but doesn’t know if he’s in love with me. I asked him so if I moved on with another guy it wouldn’t hurt you? He says it would, so I’m like if you care then why do you want to break up? he says i don’t know every time. I told him don’t leave me in the middle. Either you break up with me or we fix things but he says I don’t know.I’m not ready to give up on us. His family and everyone knows how much he loves me, I don’t know what’s gotten into him but he keeps saying I don’t know everytime I try to ask him about what we should do moving forward. I ask him what should I do, and he says just be you. Today I told him I loved him and he didn’t say it back and he told me to stop making him say stuff he didn’t want to say. He’s been cheated on before and I know he would never do that. I feel as if he is having an issue within himself and he thinks if he ends it with me it will be better. But I know him too much to know that he still loves me. Should I give him time to think about it, or try to make him realize he’s wrong. Does anyone have a similar experience or any advice. Just a few months ago he was ready to marry me and now suddenly this change.

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  • Carrie
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    2 years ago
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    The two of you need to sit down and have a talk, you need to stand up for yourself and tell him to stop beating around the bush and playing head games with you. His behavior isn't fair to you. You need to give him an ultimatum and he needs to decide then and there. You need to stand your ground. It doesn't sound like he quite knows what he wants but it not okay for him to disregard your feelings. When you told him you loved him and he went on saying "stop making me say stuff i don't want to say" so what he doesn't love you now? Tell him if he doesn't know if he wants to be with you then to stop stringing you along. You have feelings to.

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    I get the feeling that your boyfriend does want to be with you but isn't ready to make the emotional commitment of saying that he is love with you. Everyone moves in and out of relationships at different rates and your boyfriend is no different. Given that he has been cheated on before, I would say that it is going to take him a little longer before he commits himself fully to you on an emotional level because he is still dealing with the hurt from what happened. What I think you should is to give him more time and simply focus on being there for him and getting to know him on an emotional level. Try and encourage him to talk about his feelings with you more. Basically, if you can make him feel that you will not hurt him then it will help him move on much quicker. I really hope that this helps :)

    Source(s): How long ago was he cheated on? Do you know if it was really bad? Would you say that he is the romantic type and talks about his feelings a lot with you?
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