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Is it true that ego is the main reason why disabled students and their parents want them to be mainstreamed?

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    It has nothing to do with ego. A person has a better chance at a "normal" life if they have the same experiences other people do. The more a disabled student is separated from mainstream life experiences, the harder it will be for them to fit in with society. Its about wanting the best for their child, not ego.

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      I do not agree at all.It is about ego when parents try to force their kid in mainstream when the kid can't cope with it not what's best for the child.

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    My parents met at Mensa and both have PhDs and I have a masters degree. When my younger son was diagnosed with moderate level autism and I knew the mainstream had 38 kids to a room and only a few hours a week teacher aids for special needs kids but the special school had six kids to a teacher plus teacher aides to help I loved my son enough to choose special school for him.

    It was the small class sizes that made me choose special school and here in New Zealand special school is very good.

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    I guess. And losing face. Mom fought hard to keep us kids out of "bonehead English". Mom was a speed reader with a BA degree. Grandpa was a reporter. fast typist and fast proofreader.

    I know Dumb Douggy should have been forced into mainstream. The classes he was in kept discouraging him from trying what they "felt" was "beyond him". Not healthy nor natural. Now, we have a 19 year old who knows Nothing, tries Nothing new, did not even learn to write in school (a female babysitter taught him and now writes in Cursive, Only, like a Girl-!) He makes constant excuses for his lacks. He Isn't Stupid; he is dull normal. Managed to get a driver's license, can dress himself. . But, the system taught him to Manipulate; he leaves crap Everywhere, will Not clean, so You have to.

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    I guess it can be. I was repeatedly flagged for special measures, and my mom fought it everytime, so I didn't ever get the help I needed.

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  • 6 months ago

    Ego? No. You can never tell a person's capabilities until they try.

    I think they want them to see what the world is like, so they can

    figure out how to cope. Plus, they want them to learn how

    to be as 'normal' as they can be, and what better way to do that than

    to be around average kids.

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    for some, but for some they can succeed and it is the appropriate education for them.

    a person has a better chance at a normal life if they receive an appropriate education. it is ridiculous to put a person with 3rd grade math skills in 9th grade math. they will have a more normal life if they get further instruction to increase their math skills to 4th or 5th grade.

  • 6 months ago

    Ego? No. There may be a little bit of denial at play, though. And since everyone gets "mainstreamed" in real life, they may want their kids (and the rest of society) to be prepared to coexist.

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