What's something you wouldn't do if you were 7 years younger?

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  • 5 months ago
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    Get involved with any woman older than myself. I'm in my mid 20's and I've seen some really annoyingly immature women both online, particularly this site, and in other parts of the world, particularly USA.... all who seem to be in their fOcking 30's and 40's or older.

    • cutiepie5 months agoReport

      I’m 21 and I am not one to judge. In fact, my bf insults the way I look while I compliment him constantly..
      Nobody’s perfect. We all have our moments. Also, I hate and I mean HATE when people can’t put their phone down to talk. I’m from the United States

  • 5 months ago

    Dying my hair blonde because it turned out a garish, crayon yellow.

    Play dreary sad music during important changes in my life (relocating to a new state).

    Go to a hospital saying I'm being stalked and attacked by invincible people, then get locked up in a mental ward.

    Go along with my parents' idea to move into a city apartment that doesn't allow pets - I would have made it a priority to move into a house that allows pets.

    Telling myself I am old and of no use, when in fact it was the beginning of great things and I should have paid attention to other young ladies my age.

  • 5 months ago


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  • 5 months ago

    I wouldn't know how to answer the question even more

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  • Will
    Lv 7
    5 months ago

    It's not that I wouldn't want to do it, I just couldn't gamble because I'd be 18.

  • 5 months ago

    I am 22. 7 years ago I would be 15. I would still be in school, finishing up my last year. So I would probably not be doing a lot of things as in my school life I was really limited. It's amazing how much freedom you get when you do leave school.

  • 5 months ago

    Well, I wouldn't be dating because I have been married for 40 years my friend.

  • .
    Lv 6
    5 months ago

    I would have never doubted the existence of God.

  • 5 months ago

    Date GIRLS 7 YEARS older.............😂😂😂😂

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Nothing as my life has been same for last 15 years, so 7 years would make no difference.

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