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When a man has Moon in Capricorn but Venus in Leo, what emotional base it creates? Seems to be in conflict, not?

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  • Janet
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    Maybe, maybe not.

    You see, what matters is NOT so much what SIGN planets are in, but HOW those planets interact with each other.

    In astrology interaction occurs between any two planets when those planets are at specific distances from each other. Distances measured in "degrees of arc", but NOT measured by Signs.

    We call these distances "aspects", and some aspects/distances create internal harmony between those two inner needs (planets), and some aspects create internal conflict.

    But the Signs these planets are in do NOT show this.

    For instance .. if this man has Moon in Capricorn and Venus in Leo, these are the posslble interactions/aspects between these two planets?

    (1) If his Moon is in very late Capricorn and his Venus in very early Leo (such that they are between 172 and 188 degrees apart), this is an "opposition aspect", indicating internal conflict between how he handles his emotions and what he needs from relationships. His emotions tend to screw up his relationships, and his relationship don't seem to give him emotional fulfillment. At least, not until he overcomes this internal conflict.

    Until then, both Moon and Venus exhibit the negative side of the Signs they are in.

    (2) His Moon is in very early Capricorn and Venus in very late Leo, such that these two planets are between 112 and 128 degrees apart. This distances is a "trine" aspect, meaning that those two needs support each other harmoniously.

    Yes, these two Signs/styles are not similar, so the harmony wouldn't be QUITE as good as if his Moon as in Sagittarius and his Venus in Leo. But, it will be fairly harmonious. So that his relationships make him feel emotionally fulfilled, and his emotions enhance the success of his relationships. And both Sign-styles (Capricorn and Leo) will express the positive traits of those two signs.

    (3) It is also possible that there is NO aspect (no interaction) between his emotional nature (Moon) and his relationship nature (Venus). Neither harmonious or conflicting.

    Always, always, we base it on the angular aspects.

    Interpreting the Signs that the planets are in comes second, just to add a bit more refining clarity to what the aspects show.

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  • 12 months ago

    What is the sun sign? What aspects do they make with each other? What house are they in? Your question is to general to answer in any detailed manner. However, I’ll give you a basic run down.

    Venus in the constellation of the Lion wants to be adored and treated like a prince/princess. In romance matters they are showboats and flirty. If a Leo Venus flirts with you will know it because he will be so direct. They also tend to be fiercely loyal partners.

    Moon in Capricorn is pragmatic, ambitious, methodical, and disciplined in their handling of emotions. UNLESS there is a malefic planet in a bad aspect to it. For example, a Mars in a fire sign with opposition to moon in Capricorn will cancel out the disciplined nature of the Capricorn moon unless there is a third aspect that lessens the problem.

    Thus, it’s important to look at the chart as a whole.

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