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What would you do if your sibling dies at an early age?

By early age - I mean dying at a young age or not being old. I'm just 21 and my elder brother is 22. I'm afraid he will die soon. If he dies, what will I do. It would be a nightmare. Should I kill myself or I become a priest. Any suggestions please!

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    I was never close to my siblings so I would have coped well. It sounds like you and your brother are very close and I'm sorry for your worry. If he does pass, spend a little time alone to grieve, but if people want to reach out to you, try and let them. I think company can be good for such a lonely and sad occasion. We all know time usually heals pain, so although grieving is probably the worst emotion you can feel, it does get better. You will be OK, do not die, keep yourself occupied to take your mind off your loss. I hope your brother will survive for both your sakes. If you feel youre not coping well, talk to friends or relatives or seek grievance counselling.

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  • justin
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    7 months ago

    don't become a priest unless god calls u into it. i cna answer questions about god for u i have a connection and am able to recieve answers. i am also good with depression so if u do fall to suicidal thoughts talk to me about that too. I assume he is christian and not a jerk at heart? people who have been to heave and come back describe a place so great that words are almost unable to describe how nice it is. they have to be convinced to go back when they have stuff left to do . they are very hesitant. I have autism and cannpot feel the pain people feel when they lose someone they love i only understand feeling bad if they suffer. i can't say this makes it all better but from the logic i see it should make it better knowing they are eternally happy beyond the limits of happiness on earth. talk to me please :/

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  • 7 months ago

    Just be a good person

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  • Frank
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    7 months ago

    What would be the point of killing yourself? As we become adults we become less involved with our siblings. You are not your brothers keeper and while it might be sad if he dies, there’s no reason you can’t continue on with your life and be happy. Becoming a priest will not make anyone happy.

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