How many types of Tally Software there?

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  • 10 months ago


    1.Single user tally software (silver)

    2.Multi user tally software (gold)


    Tally.ERP9, Tally.Server9, Tally.Developer9 and Shoper9

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  • 10 months ago

    Recently, Tally has created a great impact in the accounts realm. Tally, an accounting software has two different software types. These two types offer plethora of advantages to several organizations. Here the two types has been detailed.

    • Single User Tally Software (SILVER)

    • Multi User Tally Software ( GOLD)

    Till now, many organizations have been depending upon these two software types to make their business flow normal.

    Single User Tally Software

    Organizations that pretends to use Tally at single system opts for Single User Tally Software. Single user licensing allows the user to handle the software under one operating system. In cases when the organization is small and wish to operate your business in a single pace, then single user tally software is the amazing option.

    Even startup companies have been indulging in adopting the single user tally software for their organization accounts management. If you are going to start a company, you can go ahead with the single user Tally software especially Tally ERP 9 SILVER. It is a highly recommended software and is available at Mazenet Technologies, Coimbatore. The software helps in fulfilling business accounts, inventory and GST requirements.

    Multi-user Tally Software

    As single user Tally software is for small companies, the multi user Tally software has been used for large organizations contratrily. It is mainly used to interact with big organizations, colleges, institutes, multinational companies. Multi user Tally software enables the company to indulge in operations at multiple places. Avail the best Multi user software with license at Mazenet Technologies. The best multi user software named Tally ERP 9 Gold is highly recommended.

    In addition, it is advisable to purchase Tally server to boost up the speed of working in Tally. It brings huge benefits to the large corporate organizations. You can also wish to continue with the normal features of Tally ERP 9 Gold as it also brings huge productivity gains in your accounts handling. Both software has its own benefits for the companies. Tally accounting software available at Mazenet Technologies also gives their clients with the practise license.

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