Why don't people feel any sympathy for incels?

People have no idea how brutal is to be involuntarily celibate. I have been there myself. I was so shy and and timid to approach girls. Finally I decided to take on steroids to fix my problem. I still don't know whether it was the right choice or not but I got laid anyway. I had no choice as I was lacking testosterone pretty bad as I used to eat a lot soy. This is not just me there are millions of incels out there who just can't open up and raise their issues. People act like having a low test is choice or that person't fault so complaining is disgusting as if the person can simply boost the test by pressing a pressure point or something in their body if they want.

The sad thing is most incels are good looking, sexy and hot. Even celebrities can be victims of this. If women like good looks on a man they wouldn't be in trouble but the problem is women are not visual. Women look for confidence and confidence only. Whether you look like a frog, fat, hairy, smelly, cocky, arrogant none of this matter if you are a macho man. Girls love to be protected and feel like they are safe always. They like to be treated like a grand dad treat his grand kids. This is quite natural though as weak gender needs the stronger gender to protect them.


I am not blaming women for choosing those ugly looking macho men but they should think about incels too. Or leave women alone on this I am talking about macho men themselves. Why don't you feel a thing for incels. Do you know while you are having a threesome those incels are probably crying alone at night in their mum's basement.

Update 2:

C'mon man there is nothing unmanly about being a good human. Macho type of men should lear to be compassionate and share their goodies. I mean have a doublesome instead of a three so one of those incels can have a singlesome. Think like that. Just tell women go ahead and give sex to incels too as they will listen to you. #inceltoo

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  • ?
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    2 years ago

    1. Incels are not that innocent. They rejected women who wanted them.

    2. They sit behind a keyboard all day moaning about how crappy women are when they have crappy personalities.

    3. Incels tend to seek out 10s but when they get rejected by them, they whine and say all women are the same

    4. They let bad information from the internet dictate their relationships in real life

    5. They keep going after bad women

    6. Incels are not working on their character. They are not doing anything productive with their lives.

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Your problem is correctable.

    Approach more women. I know thats easier said than done, but you arent going to get laid if u dont leave the house and go approach women.

    I dont give a schit if the "women i your town are difficult" or women only like "tall guys over 6ft" or whatever. All those are are excuses.

    Chads get girlfriends because they actively go out and meet women. "Confident azzholes" get laid because they go out meet women, and they progress the interactions they have with women forward toward sex.

    Quit living passively, you will never get laid living that way.

    And lower your f1cking standards. There are good sexy women out there who arent models. And the situation even gets grayer when you start meeting women who have confidence issues.

    But you got to get out there and meet them and I can tell that you arent. That you arent putting yourself out there.

    Its on you, its not society's job to get u laid.

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  • Ontol
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    2 years ago

    I ♥ offensive humour. Thanks for helping. I personally feel no empathy for any with sexual desire. Can't.

  • 2 years ago

    if you are incell you need to go to a brothel once a week and problem solved!

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  • Foofa
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    2 years ago

    If you had an actual medical problem then I'd feel sympathy for you. But most incels are that way by choice because they've set their sights too high and would rather be miserable than to admit that "looks matches" are a more realistic goal.

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Why would I feel sympathy for a socially inept misgoygnist who finds women to be nothing more than sex objects and thinks women owe him sex because he thinks his a "nice guy"

  • Jon
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    2 years ago

    " I was lacking testosterone pretty bad as I used to eat a lot soy"


  • Zirp
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    2 years ago

    As far as I can tell, people who call themselves "incel" simply blame "female nature" for all their problems - depriving women of the right to be different

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    First off, most people don't even know what an "incel" is but for those who DO know, they're perceived as whiny, entitled brats full of vitriol and bitterness, spreading their brand of hate on the internet. Why would anyone have sympathy for someone like that? Personally, I wouldn't have sympathy for a 400lb obese chick who complains that billionaire male models won't date her either.

    The truth is that most incels are not really involuntarily celibate. They either isolate themselves from society rather than tackle issues like social anxiety or depression (which would allow them to have a better life) OR they refuse to date women in their own league OR they choose not to work on self-improvement (such as losing weight, becoming nicer people, or getting a job). All of that is nobody else's problem but their own. Many of them pretend to be nice but then they spend their time trash talking women online and they wonder why women see through that facade. I have seen posts by incels where they advocate the legalization of rape or claim that women should be assigned to them by the government. Sorry, but most people just cannot find sympathy for someone like that.

    Also, you're wrong when you claim that women don't care about looks and that they're not visual. Women are attracted to a man's looks. A handsome shy man will get women hitting on him. An ugly confident man is more likely to be seen as a creep and rejected. Also, lots of poorer men have girlfriends and often men who suffer accidents or illnesses still have their woman stick by them. In fact, a woman is statistically more likely to stand by her man if he suffers from an illness than a man is likely to stand by his woman.

    And no, women don't think ALL men are cheaters. Most women are aware that some men cheat, but statistically most men don't. There is so much other false information in the question details too. You seem to lack the logic to actually look around at the world and see past the online propaganda you've been fed.

    By the way, women are autonomous human beings. They're not something to be "shared" by other men. They can make their own choices as to whom they wish to date or be intimate with. Perhaps seeing women as a "commodity" is a part of your problem. When you see a human being as a thing to be bartered and traded then why would they want to freely be with you?

    There are people with REAL problems and suffering in the world and personally I feel for them. Most "suffering" that incels endure is self-imposed.

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    That's how it is bro. When you are up and positive thousand people will come and support you to make you even more positive (I don't understand the point of support here as the person was ok in the first place), when you are down a million people will come not to support but to make you hit the rock bottom and not a single person bothers to help. There is a psycho in everyone. People suck not just women...get on with it boy. It's your life you have to figure out what to do with it. Expecting help from others is foolish. Me too I don't care helping you either to be frank.

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