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Feeling hopeless at 30?

I just turned 30, and I feel so hopeless from time to time. I don't have a very good paying job, and living paycheck to paycheck. I am grateful that at least I have a job, but I feel stuck. I've been working at my current position for 3 years, but I haven't gotten a raise or even a bonus. I've been applying for jobs but rarely hear back from any. And when I do, either the job is not that great after all or I don't get selected for hire. I see people my age living a great life. They have a house, always going on vacation, even starting their own family etc. I know I shouldn't compare myself like that, but sometimes I just wish my life can be better. There are times where I just wish I can win the lottery. I'm not asking for much, but just enough to help pay off credit card debts and provide more for my parents so they have have a more comfortable life.

Maybe I'm procrastinating too much, but this is my current feeling and is just dragging me down. I try to think positive and just keep doing my best. But sometimes is easier said than done, and I just don't know what to do.

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    Nothing is wrong with keeping on trying. Everything that happens to you, happens for a reason. Just because you're experiencing a setback doesn't mean you're failing at life. You're still in your early 30s. You still got more opportunity in life. Just keep pushing forward and look at things in a positive light. And there's nothing wrong with getting help as well. May it be from your friend or your parents if they're still capable of helping you. You know, success is not handed easily to just anyone. You have to struggle before you het what you want. I'm sure those you mention as "successful" now also had their fair share of setbacks and struggles. You're probably a late bloomer. All you have to have is patience and determination. God Bless You

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      If interaction is inevitable, in my case I just play it safe and not do anything to upset that certain person. But if you really can't help but lash out, then you must know that you'll eventually have to bear the consequences. That's reality, sad to say.

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    I feel hopeless at 25

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    I'm like you, except I'm 31. I became unemployed again from June, and just living week by week on payments while finishing my journalism studies. I still live with the parents, not in a serious relationship, and I've only started to start driving lessons.

    Just don't judge a book by its' cover - how do you know if people our age are really having a great life? And if they are enjoying themselves, they're probably on drugs, lol.

    Be thankful you have a job. Maybe take up a second job in a coffee shop? Or - this is more drastic - perhaps move to another state/ city? You are an adult, and have the right to live whether you want, so nothing can stop you.

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    YEAH im same as you at 34. We got handed a tough generation kiddo. The economy crashed and we graduated right into it. Its so competitive out there jobs don't pay a living wage and cost of living so high. Onward and upward lets keep hacking away it may take some time but we'll make progress.

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    In the same boat at 33....let’s keep the hope, that somehow we will get a breakthrough.

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    Just know that you aren't the only 30-year-old struggling with problems. Most of us weren't really educated to be independent, resilient and smart for that matter, so partly is not your fault. I have to say though that you are still responsible for what's happening and ultimately only you can make the change. There are three things I always recommend people doing to deal with procrastination, they are: 1) meditation, 2) exercise, 3) reading materials that discuss procrastination and a positive lifestyle. It may not sound like much and in fact it may not be a solution to you but trust me, it's going to help. If it doesn't it means you didn't want enough for the change to happen and in this case all there is to do is simply live your life as it is now. It's not necessarily something bad you know, if you don't feel like being successful you have all the right not to be and you can still be happy. In the end, it just comes down to what you want and not what you think you have to want.

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    you are young enough and have plenty of time to turn things around.

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    It is bad thing, you should never be hopeless

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    You do have it good compared to others.

    Imagine 7 billion people on Earth.

    Just keep trying.

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    Have you looked into night courses or do you just wallow in your misery. It might take years, I used to eat M&Ms off the dashboard for supper on my way from work to school, but I got a good job out of it. Boo Hoo. Life is not easy, if it was, what's the point?

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