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Why are High Deductible Health Plans becoming the norm for most employers in the United States?

What has happened to PPO health plans?

Even though PPO health plans are a bit more expensive than High Deductible Health Plans, at least you only have to pay a small copay for doctor's visits ($20 to $30 copay).

With a High Deductible Health Plan, you have to pay the full cost (with some discounts added) with each doctor visit. Once you meet your deductible, then you pay a lot less for each doctor visit. Though, who meets their deductible in a year?!

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    It's how the Affordable Care Act made healthcare affordable :). High Deductible Health Plans came into existence with the ACA. Sad thing is, if you're healthy you get to pay $100s/per month for insurance that you never benefit from because you never meet the deductible.

  • Dale
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    6 months ago

    Illness should never be the norm. Health should be rewarded.

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    Insurance is supposed to be for serious or major losses. Not for ordinary maintenance, which is what health insurance has become. My HMO allows me for two dental cleanings a year. I use it, but that is not what insurance is for.

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    It's cheaper for the employer. Insurance is a product that companies buy. If they can, they want to shift the costs of the plans onto the employees to help their bottom line.

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  • Jeff S
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    6 months ago

    Cheapest insurance they can find!

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    It still beats ObamaCare plans where you pay high premiums and have a high deductible. LOL

    It's the most expensive catastrophic plan in the universe. I remember catastrophic plans going for $100 a month before ObamaCare. LOL

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    0bamacare tripled and in some cases quadrupled premiums . Employers do not get 0bamacare subsidies and so in order to be able to afford providing insurance for employees it becomes necessary to reduce costs however possible .

    Higher deductibles result in lower premiums .

  • Stuart
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    6 months ago

    Medicare for all: It would replace all other insurance, with limited exceptions, such as cosmetic surgery. Employer-provided insurance, Medicaid and ultimately Medicare would all disappear

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Too many low income employers

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