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Do Muslims agree risk of corrupting Religion of Islam and separation from Quran by Shias is affecting all Muslims?

they see lies and cheating good and ok, they can't see other people and have no tolerance for other people. they see racism GOOD, and lie to people. They don't even have real faith mostly, but are corrupted and came up in power in countries which are not really Islamic like Iran. But call it so, because they are feeling lack of enough attention. They oppress Sunnis, Christians and Jews inside Iran and promote terrorism in middle east and world. See Just how they bombed Jews in Argentina IF YOU SAY THEY ARE ONLY AGAINST JEWS IN ISRAEL. I promise it is nothing more than lie. They are trying to absorb others be as bad as themselves. And they pay terrorist for killing and murder. They even kill their own people easily, and claim their Religions call for it. And they call themselves G-d's representative on earth, without being chosen by G-d really. Indeed, who is safe from such people with these exotic racist religion?

Ali says in His words: Blood absorbs blood and people should be racist. He compares his tribe with other Arabs who got control or were in problem with him not with credited race unlike his... And etc. He says Quran doesn't matter, but him, and nobody understands Quran, except him. And Quran always needs interpretation. He reject clear passages of Quran, but says many of verses in Quran in fact is about him. (Or Shias say so)... Other verses don't matter to them/him...


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    Not true, in lebanon shia are more religious than sunnis. Iraqi shia are also religious, only ceratin group of iranian shia are not religious

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    from viewing way-over-here, it seems the sunnis were murdered by the shias, until they formed an army and attacked back in return.

    the only way to prove the "true islam" is through a public formal religious debate, winner take-all. the losers convert to the higher teaching of life.

    only a true religion will bring peace to the people and the country.

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    If one follows the prophet in sincerity, then he shall have NO respect for the " infidel", and can do to them, their women, and their children, anything he desires harming them in every way, until they convert, or killing them, if not. Thus those in that faith can not in full honesty take the oath of allegiance to the republic, and are NOT eligbile for voting rights citizenship, John Marshall

    Source(s): John Marshall and all 50 of the first justices of the Supreme Court
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    You're a bit retarded, aren't you? It's not Like the Sunni Saddam was in favor of Israel either, Moron.

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