Betsey trying to take the credit of Theresa May Resignation?

When I was looking her prediction of Brexit (she predict it wouldn't happen), there was no mention of Theresa May anywhere until after the fact. Genuine or not, that was not there before she resigned, yet she attempted to take the credit by saying she did after it already happened. If she had predicted this, I wouldn't be surprised like I was when I heard the story. She put it there after it happened. I may be a little crazy, but I remember what she wrote before and there no mention of May in anything relating to her previous Brexit prediction. If she did predict it, she would've told anybody already before it happened, not after. Something is really fishy is going on with this picture. I don't smell a psychic on that issue, just someone who wants to take all the credit after it was already established.

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    So, what's your knowledge seeking question?

    • William5 months agoReport

      Well, I saw that Betsey predicted Brexit wouldn't happen, yet in the orginal post there was no mention of Theresa May's Resignation. Months after May declared she would resign from Prime Minster, Betsey put that there and claimed she predicted it (despite it not being there originally).

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