Since his hair was dark, why did Adolf Hitler say that blonde hair blue eyed people were the pure race?

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  • 5 months ago
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    Hitler made references to an "Aryan Race" founding a superior type of humanity. The purest stock of Aryans according to Nazi ideology was the Nordic people of Germany, England, Denmark, The Netherlands, Sweden and Norway. The Nazis defined Nordics as being identified by tall stature (average 175 cm), long faces, prominent chins, narrow and straight noses with a low bridge, lean builds, doliocephalic skulls, straight light hair, light eyes, and fair skin. The Nazis claimed that Germanic people specifically represented a southern branch of the Aryan-Nordic population. The Nazis did not consider all Germans to be of the Nordic type (which predominated the north), and stated that Germany also had a large "Alpine" population (identified by, among other features, lower stature, stocky builds, flatter noses, and higher incidences of darker hair and eyes). Hitler and Nazi racial theorist Hans F. K. Günther framed this as an issue to be corrected through selective breeding for "Nordic" traits. Hitler Youth propaganda emphasized the "Nordic" nature of Germans, with the text issued to all Hitler Youth members stating: "the principal ingredient of our people is the Nordic race (55%). That is not to say that half our people are pure Nordics. All of the aforementioned races appear in mixtures in all parts of our fatherland. The circumstance, however, that the great part of our people is of Nordic descent justifies us taking a Nordic standpoint when evaluating our character and spirit, bodily structure, and physical beauty.

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    Being pure Aryan had nothing to do with hair or eye color so he didn't say anything like that. These were the features that German propaganda exemplified because they were the clearest example of the race that they believed was superior. Somebody with blonde hair and blue eyes almost assuredly has Northern European heritage but the same cannot be said for other colors of hair or eyes.

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    Hitler was considered ayran. I believe he stated that being Aryan is not just looks, but an outlook/ attitude as well. Hitler looked at Nordic people who were mostly blonde hair and blue eyed and thought they were superior because they could handle harsh weather and such (I swear I read about this somewhere).

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    He didn t. What he said was important was to belong to the Aryan race, which means to be of Aryan descent. Having blonde hair and blue eyes didn t make you an Aryan, there are blue eyed blonde jews for instance. Your ancestry was what mattered. Italians were considered Aryan, and they mostly have dark hair and eyes.

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      Protocols you would be counted as Jewish for the purposes of the Final Solution. It worked the other way too. If you were blonde and blue-eyed (but Jewish) you might get away with it if no one looked too closely into your history.

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    Because that's what the bizarre theory of Alfred Rosenberg contended. Note than none of Hitler, Goering, Himmler or Goebbels, the Nazi "Big 4" were blond as adults, although all had blue eyes.

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    He was also no a German and Probably A Jew

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      Given the story of Josef Fritzl & his daughter, it seems parts of Austria are still rather excessively "laid back" in ways that befit Penthouse Forum & such oddities.

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    Did he say that?

    What is your source?

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