How can I find a job in America or Australia if I have to apply for a working visa. Can I apply for one without a job offer?

Update: ok, I have 3 degrees. Why is America refusing to sponsor me?
Update 2: skills - research, academia, laboratory, administration, ICT, hospitality, care, etc. Are all these skills in short supply?
Update 3: Funny how you call non white Americans aliens, I wonder what the American Indians who are the true natives of America thought about the first white men before they came and ambushed, raped and killed them to usurp the land?
Update 4: Guru - don't talk BS! You must think so highly of yourself if you think you're amongst the most elite out of 7.7 billion people in the world! There are a deluge of ordinary people without qualifications that migrate to the US every year!
Update 5: America and Australia are not full of elite people, just delusional ones as it seems!
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