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How to change my life?

I am depressed because I am helpless for my life and future.

I have master degree and some experience but I work as hausekeeper because I dont have to pay for food and room and I it is hard to get a job in my field of education.

I can get a job in Dublin but with salary that I earn I can not afford my own place..I have to share badthroom and kitchen with other people and I cant save any money.

The best would be get a job in austria because there I can afford appartment and save some money but in austria is imposible to get a better job ( like assistant manager) ..and my german is not fluent

I dont want to work all life as hausekeeper and I dont want to share hause with 5 other people like is in Dublin.

I feel terible..many times I want to end my life because I am not happy and I am stressed out.

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    Please don’t end your life! Instead please see

    A doctor to get checked for depression thanks

    Doctor may be able to remedy your feelings

    And give you some deeper understanding

    putting your mind at ease again.


    Very Best Wishes


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    Life can be hard, and many aspects of life we can't change. However, we can always change how we view our life. Atitude makes a big difference in life. A nonchalant or a diligent attitude, a positive or a negative attitude, a belligerent or a cooperative attitude, a complaining or a grateful attitude can strongly influence how we deal with situations and how other people react to us. With a good attitude, one can be happy even in quite difficult situations.

    In regards to you being a house-keeper in exchange for room and board, I think that is wonderful! Also, it's very wise to do if your finances are low. Even though your work is mostly physical, recognize that “there is benefit in every kind of hard work.” (Proverbs 14:23) What sort of benefit? For one thing, work is an honorable way to care for our responsibilities. Also, hard work contributes to our self-respect. After all, hard work is just that​, hard. When we discipline ourselves to stick with our work​; even if it seems boring or lowly, we can have the satisfaction of knowing that we held ourselves to a high standard. We have won a victory over the inclination to take the easy way out. (Proverbs 26:14)

    Best wishes!

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  • think positive and take small steps each day, keep moving forward.

  • 5 months ago

    If you have a Master's in education, can you go back to your home country and teach? Most likely, language proficiency is keeping you from a local teaching job, unless perhaps you want to teach your native language.

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