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Neighbors dogs tearing up trash?

Soo here s the situation...2 dogs. 2 neighbors. 1 owns a drug house & shes always on something. The other is just a drunk. I ve called animal control twice. Verbal warning 1st time but the officer didnt tell me what he did 2nd time. Ik 3rd time is court which im honestly not going to court over this (i also have social anxiety & cant afford it). I ve thought about putting the torn trash in her yard but didnt know the legal side of that. Dont want to hurt the dogs as i think they r hungry. Thought about putting laxatives in some meat. Pepper & vinegar arent keeping them away. They let them out at night when I m sleeping & I wake up to trash. I also know for a fact its them cause ive caught them in the act but they ran off. Smart dogs. I also cant buy a larger trash can at this time. (Cant take trash until weekends & i normally have a bag that doesnt fit which is what attracts the dogs). She doesnt offer to help & runs inside & shuts the door ignoring us. We tried going to talk but she wont come to door. What can I do until I get a larger trash can or what s a legal way to get back at neighbors? I thought about trying to catch the dogs & taking them to a rich neighborhood where ik they will get fed. If i could take them in i would, but we are currently in a financial issue & i have a cat. Also they killed an outside cat i had a few months ago but i never took pics or called cops..i wish i had.

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    The EASIER way is to get a container of white pepper (t's much stronger) and spread it over the garbage, that works so much easier than what the other stuff is you tried. Dump the whole container, dusting it evenly all over the stuff.

    Also, if you can catch them, take them over to animal control and tell AC the dogs were running at large, with no owner nearby. You can do it anonymously. DUMPING the dogs around the city is illegal and can get you jail time. It's considered theft, whereas going to animal control means the owner has to pay to get them back ($125 per animal in our city).

    Keep filing a complaint with police about the trash, it's a health issue. Get photos of the dogs doing it if you can, as positive ID.

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    Sounds like you should move.

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    Whatever you do - DO NOT put laxatives in meat in your garbage. You know the dogs are not at fault, they are just doing what dogs do. You have only two options as I see it.

    1) Figure out a way to secure and/or dispose of your garbage. Dogs or no dogs, this is your responsibility anyway.

    2) Take pics every time it happens and keep a record by date. Call animal control every time it happens. They will take the dogs eventually. The person having to go to court will be the owner, not you, if she wants her dogs back. IF you are contacted by the court, you can always call and/or write asking to submit written docs of the situation (hence your log).

    Unfortunately even if animal control takes these dogs and she does not get them back - she will probably go out and just get new dogs to replace them. Your BEST solution is #1.

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    Put your trash in a dog proof bin and/or take your trash to the land fill. Another option is to fence in your yard. Pleading poverty will get no sympathy from me.

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    Buy a garbage can . One that has a lid on it that animals can’t get in. I use one to keep coyotes and raccoons out of the garbage

    If you put anything even laxatives to make the dogs sick if animal abuse.

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    Don't call the police, call animal control when the dogs are out.

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