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Democrats, do you support reparation?Also, How are these not reparations?

Reparation for slavery was paid by half a million white soldiers dying to preserve the union and freeing the slaves.

Reparation for Jim Crow exclusion is going on for 50 years through affirmative action programs in colleges and Job hirings. Every high-school student knows that given similar scholastic and extra-curricular records, one’s chances of being accepted into a prestigious college are considerably greater if one is a member of a minority, most especially the black minority.

Also reparation for one group will open a can of worms. Elizabeth Warren said we need to have full blown conversation about reparations for Native Americans too.

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    i support reparations, a ticket back to Africa

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    You stupid republicans MUST stop repeating the nonsense your handlers tell you to repeat. Educate yourself you f'ing moron. 360,000 union soldiers died, NOT 500,000 you f'ing moron. The other 260,000 soldiers who died were fighting to PRESERVE slavery you f'ing moron. How can one person be as stupid as you are? To have such an inability to grasp simple facts and arithmetic speaks volumes about your mental illnesses.

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