how do i find the courage to open mail?

ive developed a serious fear of opening up my post/mail, in case its bad news or something i wasn't expecting...i have a health condition and i have especially developed a fear of clinical, doctors or hospital mail...and the mail is building up in my flat, and i haven't had the courage to open it yet in case its something which shocks me or something frightening.

i'm a man in my early forties, how can i get past this fear and open my mail and face my fear? be a man about it? summon the courage and bravery?

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  • Alisyn
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    5 months ago
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    Do you have a partner, family member, or close friend that could sort your mail first? You used the word flat and I'm not educated with the NHS. In the U.S, our doctors send out letter reminders for appointments, explanation of insurance benefits, bills, and test results. Idk if it's only test results with the NHS. But having someone look and explain "Oh this pile is about __" might help lessen your fears. I'm sorry about your health condition.

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