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He's different than other guys?

My boyfriend thinks I'm beautiful even though I'm BBW. Tbh all my exes haven't thought of me as he does, they would say I need to lose weight or leave me for a slimmer girl. It kinda surprises me that my boyfriend is really attracted to it. He never tells me I'm big or anything, he always says my body is sexy even though I quite don't think the same way. Note my boyfriend is fit so I wonder why would he choose me instead of a fit girl? What makes him like it even though most guys don't?

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    His type must be what you are. Be confident in yourself and don’t doubt yourself! He does sound different than other guys and I think that you just need more confidence in yourself! However, if you choose to lose weight and he says that he wants you to stay your current weight then leave! Don’t allow him to make life choices for you.

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    If you don't feel the same way about your body as the boyfriend, then do something about ? It's your body and you deserve to be comfortable in it.

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    Maybe he's one of those types who feels a heavy woman means there's more to love.

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    I'm going to be honest here, so no disrespect to you or your bf. He has a scarcity mindset. He thinks that other men wouldn't want to date you, you would never be able to pull a dude as hot as him, and he'd have you all to himself. The chance of you cheating on him is slim to none (no pun intended). He is insecure and doesn't want to be with a slim girl for fear that she'd be able to leave him or cheat on him quite easily. There's a lot more I can say but this is the basis of it.

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      No before we dated he actually said he was afraid I would be going out with other guys. He's not insecure at all, I'm with a cute face and I do get hit on aloot but the guys I've dated would always stick around but at some point woulf leave. It's not that I can't get anyone it's cuz hes not rude

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