Spiritually speaking, how should we approach secondary victimization? What does your faith teach, directly or indirectly?

Secondary trauma is that experienced by someone involved with a victim of a violent crime or terrible accident. For example, when a drunk driver runs over and kills another person, the primary victim is the one killed. The secondary victims are the family members who now deal with the death, as well as emergency responders and witnesses to the killing.

Does a sinner owe reparations to ONLY their direct victim? Or are their societal repercussions as well that must be addressed?

What do you think? Please explain your answer. Use an example of an interpersonal wrong to illustrate your point.


People are getting hung up on a DEAD direct victim. Let's assume the victim lived.


She has been RAPED, and BEATEN, but SHE IS ALIVE.

The perpetrator has been caught, tried, and sentenced to jail. JUSTICE HAS BEEN DONE...on the Earth.

SPIRITUALLY SPEAKING, do YOU hold anything over this guy? Does he owe YOU anything, if he 'finds religion' while in prison? Or does he owe you NOTHING, and is his only 'spiritual' responsibility to your daughter?

How do you feel about it?

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    Does a sinner owe reparations to ONLY their direct victim? But that victim is not alive so how can they give reparations? Of course reparations must go to the relatives. The emergency responders are already on a salary and have chosen that line of work. Witnesses are not harmed in any way except they saw reality for a brief moment, and thats no ones fault.

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    Spiritually speaking you should show me your other cheek.

    Spiritual trauma victims should be punched in the aura.

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