How do starbucks barista know the order?

Lets say :someone ordered frappuccino and one of the barista, who didn't take your order, is at the frappuccino station. How would that person know your order when he or she didn't take your order? I'm always curious how they do it.

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    I guess you’ve never been to Starbucks? They do one of 2 things...

    1) write the order on the side of the empty cup. There are boxes to check and lots of shorthand language. That’s also when they write your name on the cup.

    2) put all the order info into the register (including your name), which prints it onto a sticker that they stick on the cup.

    I’m at Starbucks right now. Here’s my cup!

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  • 2 years ago

    Cranial implants.

  • Jim
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    2 years ago

    Maybe because the orders are all on a computer screen.

  • 2 years ago

    If it is anything like any other chain fast food place they take your order at the register and that puts the order on a screen that is near the person who makes the order. So the person who makes the orders just reads off a screen and makes the orders that come in to them. I don't go to starbucks though so I don't know maybe they have a different system.

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