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Is having kids with someone autistic mean the children will be autistic?

I'm not autistic btw

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    No it does not but there is a higher chance they might have ADHD or autism, or OCD as they are all genetically connected. But not it doesn't mean you will and having children with anyone means a chance your child will have whatever genetic difficulties they may have in their family.

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    About 1/3 the risk of being autistic is inherited. The rest is environmental risk during pregnancy. It is not known what in particular increases that risk.

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    Nope, not necessarily.

    Reality is not *that* simple

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    that is tied to what triggers,what causes 'it',most mental/neuro psych muscle/brain maladies are poorly understood,an unknown virus? maybe.

    environmental contributory or causative factors,a biological predisposition to it? hence,is it hereditary? we do not know,look up all google listings on the claims of 'cures' then get back to us with an answer

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  • 5 months ago

    there is a higher risk

  • 5 months ago

    It worked that way for my parents.

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    Although autism is hereditary there is no single gene that causes it. It has a lot of different genetic and environmental components. Indeed the spectrum has been gradually widened to include mild impairments such as engineer's brain. Potential candidates are ADHD and Tourette's.

    There is interesting work currently being done on the connection between diet and autism. This started because so many autistic people have food issues. Latest research suggests that the correct diet during pregnancy can significantly lower the risk.

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    Not necessarily. There are genius couples out there with autistic children. I see no reason why that whole thing can't be flipped around where even both parents were autistic and gave birth to a genius child. There's more to DNA than that. Types of autism can lead to a persons memory being far stronger than other peoples and if its one thing you need to be smart its a strong memory.

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