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How do I measure the height of a place?

I need an app or some “software” in which I can measure the height of a certain object. I gotta measure the height of a place. Or, some strategy. I wanna know exactly the height. I needa know that by Friday night. By my calculations, it must be aboot 70 meters high where I measured it. But maybe, I’ve measured it wrong. I need some tips and suggestions.

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  • Mmm J
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    6 months ago
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    Several options depending on what the object is:

    1) The compass on my smartphone also can provide Latitude, Longitude and height. Take a reading at the bottom of the object and the top of the object. Subtract the height at the top from the bottom.

    2) Use algebra. Assuming the sun is out and the object casts a shadow... Draw a picture, do some calculations. Example:

    If we assume Angle 1 at the bottom of the object is 90 degrees,

    Measure the length of the shadow from the base of the object to where the shadow stops. Draw this, just to keep track... Keep to scale. Now draw a line from where the shadow ended to the top of the object.

    3) Go to the top of the object with a long tape measure.

  • Me2
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    6 months ago

    If it's a type of structure allowing access to the top, use a laser or sonar range finder.

  • Lv 7
    6 months ago

    you don't need an app, just a measuring stick or tape.

    an app cannot do that without knowing the dimensions in advance.

  • Todd
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    6 months ago

    For one thing you need to know how far away the object is and if there's any difference in elevation. You can use the stick method. You put a stick in the ground where you are, step away, line up line of sight from the stick and measure the angle. Basically use another object you know the height of to create a right triangle. I don't think there is a specialized app for that, but you don't need one, just basic geometry, pencil, paper, and a calculator.

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