Has catching criminals risen these days due to technology advancements?

As the population rises I do understand that crime rises due to added numbers of people. But whatever the crime rate actually is has nothing to do with my question. Has the time frame of catching the criminals or catching them at all gotten shorter or better? Since cameras and AI and databases have grown exponentially in the past few decades I’m wondering if catching people has become easier or faster and what the numbers are for this?

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    2 years ago

    Convicting people of very serious crimes has become easier owing to things like DNA testing. But budgetary strains in many places have meant that lesser crimes aren't even prosecuted anymore. In L.A. where I live the police won't come out to your house anymore unless there's a dead body and thefts under $9,500 are ignored. So as the murder solve rate has risen here "minor" crimes like burglary, break and enter, vandalism, shoplifting and the like are virtually ignored.

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    2 years ago

    facial recognition software, GPS chips, movement alarms, but all can be defeated ...............

  • Technological advancements also lead to new crimes, it evens itself out.

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