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If two cars travel at the same constant speed in a straight road say 1km, can one be faster than the other?

To give it more context, I was at a social gathering yesterday and afer some time the conversation deviated to cars. We were talking about fast cars and all that. Anyway someone was arguing that a 100mph in a Mercedes ML is not going to be equal to a Lexus LX570 or a Range Rover. I m not going to pretend that I have a clue about all the technical stuff, I'm ignorant to most of it, engine size, torque, horsepower and other factors just know how to drive them. Obviously, cars are divided into different classes, some are geared towards comfort, another luxury, etc

I did not put too much thought into it but my answer was the Porsche will probably reach 100mph faster than the others but if two cars are driving at the same constant speed (100mph) why would one be faster than the other?.

In Bad Boys, Will Smith stated that the Porsche he was driving could do 0 to 60 in 4 seconds, and I 've heard of other cars that do similar and even surpass that. If a Prius, Maserati and 911 turbo all are the same speed in a straight road, will one overtake the other or would they be equal? Or is it not that simple?

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    Both vehicles moving at the same speed, constant speed, straight road or not they will be side by side the whole distance.

    The ruling factor: Constant and the same speed. No other effects.

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    Their speedometers would have to be inaccurate if one car went faster than the other

    when their speedometers showed the same speed. It's possible.

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    Same constant speed on a straight road means that the average speed between the two cars 0 and hence distance is 0, the only difference can be seen here is from their starting point.

    If we are consulting here from the starting point then it will make any difference unless they both get the same speed.

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      "Same constant speed" means no change, and exactly the same speed. The situation is theoretical, for your homework. In day-to-day driving that situation is unlikely!

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    No cause they are going the same speed

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    100 MPH is 100 MPR, regardless if you are driving a F1 car or a Yugo.

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    for sure the merc is going to get to 100mph faster so it will finish the km quicker , or to put it another way click on all the photos of cars and then all the traffic lights followed by more traffic lights and then finally cross walks to verify and then you still have to click on all the push bike and scooters that they call motorbikes and finally they make you click on all the buses and then more buses , so what use to be a fun speedy ride isnow slowed down to a crawl and you give up and take public tansport and find a better site to visit

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    Uhhhh.....same constant speed means they are both going the same speed. How can one be going faster?

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      the guy was so convinced, I was having doubts but just wanted to make sure

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    Yes, 100 mph is 100mph no matter what you are in car, truck, SUV, plane, boat, snowmobile, etc.

    And yes, some vehicles may get to 100 mph faster than another.

    There is some thought that 100 mph may FEEL different in different cars. 100 mph in a Porsche 911 might feel different than in a Lexus SUV. 100 mph on a jetski feels a whole lot faster than 100 mph in a car.

  • 100 mph is 100 mph, no matter what vessel you're in. Accelerating to 100 from a dead stop may be different, depending on the vehicle and the driver's abilities, but when you're pulled over for speeding, the cop will never say, "You were going 65 in a 60, and a Mercedes going 65 is like a Prius going 80."

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      What a good thing it is that we are not all cops, Captain Matticus. For the rest of us, the Porsche 911 parked is faster parked than the Prius is at any speed.

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    100 mph is 100 mph - in a Prius or a Porsche.

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