Should I remind my son of his trauma?

When my son was around 6-years-old he was molested by an older child in a private home bathroom. I was made aware of the issue when he had urination issues following the incident and after a clean UI was performed at our doctors. I got him into counseling right away and things got back on track quickly. My son is now almost 18. He suffers from social anxiety and has seen several therapists that have helped him greatly. However, he has suffered from a shy bladder for the past several years. It has made things hard for him as he can't use public restrooms. I do not wish to cause my son more trauma by bringing the issue up as he may have no memory of it occurring and I have no wish to make things worse for him by not giving him all the facts about what might be causing his issue. Should I tell him in hopes that it might be the root of his bathroom issues or could I be doing more harm than good?

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  • 1 year ago
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    I dont think so. social anxiety is pretty common. the main cause of it is lack of social exposure,skills. a good therapist should easily be able to help him with this. my therapist help me with it in one conversation i ended up buying a book, brushing up on social skills, and actually enjoying learning about conversationalist. Ended up becoming an evil conversation scientest. was able to trick people into doing my bidding >:). just kidding. my therapist was a psychologist for the record. best of luck. You should tell him at some point though.

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    1 year ago

    you should discuss it with his therapist. they will know the best course to take.

  • 1 year ago

    Why not contact one of the therapists that helped him greatly and schedule a visit so you can show them what you have written here and ask them how they could resolve the issues you bring up. Once you are convinced they can help you can make another appointment and ask your son to go with you for moral support. That way when you start the session off by telling him that you bought him here because you are aware of his bathroom issues and that you believe his old therapist can help him he will be more likely to accept the help that is being offered.

  • 1 year ago

    Eh no you ******* idiot. It amazes me that someone would ask such as Stupid question. The answer is NO.

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