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How do I get my teen to stop masturbating so much?

I know it shouldn’t be too crazy but I went on my sons laptop last night and found 13 porn tabs open. I don’t think it would be a problem if it wasn’t so much. I’ve walked in on him multiple times, and every time he doesn’t stop, and he just yells at me to get out. I’ve asked some friends if they have the same problem with there kids and they all say their kids aren’t as bad. I can’t do his laundry anymore because he uses his dirty shirts to clean up. My sisters daughter came over the other day for a sleepover, and as she was taking a nap, I walked in to check up on her and he was standing over her with his hand in his pants. I need answers. Please no trolls. I’ve been thinking about taking him to a psychologist.

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    You are to be commended for being aware of what’s going on in your house and with your child. Your concerns are valid. Please see the link below for practical suggestions that could help. Best wishes to you.....

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    Does he not go to school during the day until the afternoon? Also, it's normal to explore your body and sexuality especially at that age HOWEVER, anything too much is too much. I would definately take him to see someone, maybe he is experiencing a mental break down of some sort but you should do it very soon before it's too late! His behavior is definately alarming.

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    cut off their dinger

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    Pull the plug on the porn. It's overstimulating him. Move the computer to the family room. Letting him watch porn is child abuse and can cost you custody.

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      hey nothing's wrong with her. What's wrong with you?! When I was 12, there was NO internet. At least not the kind that is so easily accessible today! What do you think I did then?! Sheesh!

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    I know this sounds a tad messed up but make him wear diapers without pants around the house. It will limit his access to himself and in time he get tired of the diapers and will modify the amount of his activity to compromise to get back to big boy pants. Explain to him if he wants to wear pants like big boy then he'll have to learn to control himself as a big boy. You can find diapers in his size for boys his age at

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    I understand your worry because he could become a sex offender. Standing over this girl watchingher like that is borderline criminal. IfI saw someone doing that around my daughter they would be finished. The thing to remember is he's a sad guy with not much going on in his life and a loser, that's why he does it. Maybe you make his life too easy? You didn't mention his age but it sounds like he needs responsibility. And most of all stuff to do, like rock climbing, surfing, stuff that will make him really buzz. The masturbation is because he's not buzzing on life. I'm not against masturbation but in between all the other things I do, I rarely have time. It's a kind of addiciton and some people will go down this path until they destruct in some way, often with sexual problems or crime. Ultimately he sounds disturbed and this is really sad, he may even have a trauma that needs professional help. If it were my child I would try an alternative therapist though, psychologists often don't understand this and plus he will be put off by that idea. Depending on his age, if you can find a good tantric or taoist therapist, that might be the best thing. Just make sure they are genuine.

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    Oh my least close the tabs when you’re not watching, put a password on your laptop i mean who just leaves it open like that? And he should be doing his own laundry by now, he’s old enough at 9 to put his laundry into the laundry chute by himself

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    Let him! It's good for you!

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Yeah right, you're not a troll.

  • Anonymous
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    I think you should take him to a psychologist. He is developing into a perv.

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