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Evaluate Franklin Roosevelt’s leadership in World War 2. Provide 3 examples to support.?

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    This looks an awful lot like a homework question. Do you think that you asking random strangers to do your homework for you and you having to take summer school are somehow connected?

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    Wait you want us to do your homework for you?

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    By selecting the European theater for the main effort, FDR ensured that our best and most powerful allies would be able to stay in the game. By controlling the economy and consumer goods production, FDR harnessed the massive economic potential of the US and at the same time provided near 100% employment for citizens. This allowed the US to bury the Axis under a mountain of material goods. Finally, by selecting and relying upon the senior leadership as he did, and by not directly interfering in purely military matters, FDR maintained the sharp divide between civilian and military leadership and allowed the professionals to get on with prosecuting the war.

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    There's not just a book but a great many books about that very topic. I suggest you start studying.

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