Why is an 80 series so much better at recovering bogged trucks than a 90 series is it the weight or the live axle over the ifs?

or the downlow power of the dirty diesel over the petrol 90 series? Even trying to pull out a tree stump the ole 90 sat there spinning the wheels the 80 pulled the tree out .

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Uh... FYI.... the ONLY thing that matters is traction.

    I’ll take a 37hp D-2 Caterpillar and out pull any diesel or gas 4x4 truck on mud.

    Oh... and I have no idea why people obsess over IFS. For handling and traction, IFS is ALWAYS better than live axle. It’s even better for clearance, too.. since you can put the diff higher. All the best off road vehicles... H1, Unimog, and Baja and Dakar racers have them.

    The only thing a live axle is good at is being strong for cheap.

    • arther
      Lv 4
      5 months agoReport

      if the 90 was lower would it get more traction?
      Under that bullbar there is a track not the case with ifs

  • 5 months ago

    It has to do with weight distribution. The 90 series has more of its weight over the drive axle. No, seriously. I have no idea what an 80 or 90 series is. No one else here does either. Why would you think we would?

    • arther
      Lv 4
      5 months agoReport

      I thought the fact it was in Toyota might do it? As you don't know what a landcruiser is your comments dont mean much

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