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Have you noticed a lot of tv shows, movies and commercials are saying it outright the moon landing was faked?

I`m also referring to the latest redbull commercial that comes on that clearly says "let`s do the moon landing in the studio"

What are your thoughts?

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  • Zheia
    Lv 6
    5 months ago

    Anyone who thinks the moon landings were faked obviously hasn't been to the moon.

  • Cousin
    Lv 6
    5 months ago

    My thoughts take me back to watching the original moon landing broadcast, when I saw our flag rippling in a stiff breeze on the supposedly airless moon. Subsequent editing deleted that small oversight.

  • 5 months ago

    I personally don`t belive people who think it was faked like STEPHEN CURRY of the Warriors

    • Joel5 months agoReport

      HE is a player with the NBA team Golden State Warriors he created a national outage with his statement a few weeks ago

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  • 5 months ago

    I know they did not stay on the moon for long but were only there for a few hours and then back home so it looked as if they were not spending time on the moon or in space and only spent the minimum time they could get away with.

    makes me wonder however that president Kennedy seemed to want to get out of his famous speech commitment to send a man to the moon and bring him home safely again once he was told what the cost would be and were the American people prepared tp pay so much?

    At the time we were told that it was to say to the former soviet union that if there was a nuclear war the USA could survive by having men and maybe women on the moon so the Americans would survive and come back one day and recolonise the world.

    50 years later we still need to put men on the moon or send them to mars to ensure the human race would survive if we blow ourselves up or when we blow ourselves up.


  • Huh?
    Lv 7
    5 months ago

    Not a lot, but it's a common enough misconception that a few ads will draw on it for comedy reasons.

  • 5 months ago

    NASA at that time has got funding to develop technologies which would only learned by today. For example, the communications has been redeployed into 3G which was only available in the consumer market 10 years ago. In addition, the rumor of the help from ET may explain most problems.

  • 5 months ago

    anyone who thinks the moon landings where faked are dummies fools and dimwits .

    • Joel4 months agoReport

      I do think it was and still is very REAL, would of been nice to watch such a historic and exciting event

  • Jack H
    Lv 7
    5 months ago

    To create a fake moon landing would require thousands of people, dozens of countries around the world and hundreds of tv companies, ALL of them would have to remain completely silent about the fakery for 50 years, no credible witnesses to a fake have ever come forward, just speculators tin foil hatted dreamers...

    • John5 months agoReport

      Yes it’s true what your saying ,that was not fake news

  • 5 months ago

    I think they just want more media attention. Red Bull literally sponsored a rocket to go into orbit and allow someone to break the record for farthest freefall. Seems stupid for them to assume you can't go to the moon if you can get to space.

    Edit: The guy is Felix Baumgartner

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