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Was I wrong for telling on my mom?

I’m 20 years old and I live with my mom while attending university. I love my mom dearly, but we don’t always get along, and unfortunately, the bad days outweigh the good days. Sometimes she’ll take her anger out on me, verbally abuse me, threaten to hurt me if she doesn’t get her way. Sometimes she’ll touch my thigh or butt and when I ask her to stop, she’ll say, “I’m your mother so I can do whatever I want.” That has been going on for years, and I told someone at our church (my mother is a minister). They talked to my mom and my mom said that she can never go back there. She’s very upset and I feel bad now. I really do love my mom and I never meant to hurt her, but sometimes she doesn’t treat me well. Was I wrong?

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    You were right to do what you did, I just hope you're mum will stop maltreating you after this. I know you think what your mum does is not such a big deal, but it is. She shouldn't touch you inappropriately, and when you showed your displeasure she should have respected your feelings and stopped. And she left you with no choice but to report her when she wouldn't listen to you or honour your feelings. You cannot allow her to continue to treat you in a bad way simply because her pride will be hurt if you reported her to the people who could make her stop. Remember, whatever pushed you to report her must have been serious enough to make you do it. So, you need to honour your feelings and stop feeling guilty for doing what you needed to do to stop your mother's abuse. Boundaries had to be set, and she left you with no choice. It is even good for your mother, because the kind of mother who says "I'm your mother, so I can to do you whatever I want" is not really the kind of mother she wants to be. Just because she's your mother doesn't mean that you can't correct her or report her to people who can correct her. Loving your mother means wanting her to be of the most dignified character, the kind of character that would ensure your continued love & respect for her, even if her pride will be hurt in the process of getting her there. It is better than allowing her to treat you in a way that will eventually result in you hating her. This would not be good for your relationship. So don't worry, soon she will come back to her senses, realize her mistakes, and get over her hurt feelings. All that matters is that you continue to treat her with respect but also maintain strict boundaries so that she doesn't fall back into her bad behaviours.

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    No, you weren't. If you are an adult and anybody touches you anywhere that you are not okay with, last time I checked that is assault. You are not an object, if your own mom says otherwise then you need to part ways with her.

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    i dont think so, but rnaybe you should rnove out if shes going to treat you like that

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