Will i get my money back on a imported item... If i do not pay custom duty.?

So, i want to order a laptop(used) from e-commerce sites like=aliexpress, bangood, gearbest, alibaba Now, what happens if i do not pay custom duty in india. For ex= let s assume i want to order a laptop whose worth on the aliexpress is 50$... Now all these sites require pre-payment for any product, so i pay them in advance... Now the product comes to india... And there is of course a custom department to impose tax on it.... But what would happen if i custom duty is more than the product itself or the duty amount is too much high... Now i don t want to pay the duty... So i think custom department will send the product back to the seller/supplier... Now what would happen to the money i paid to the websites... Will i get the refund back....

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    You will not get your money back.

    All of these sites have the policy that customs duties are the buyer’s responsibility, and you agreed to pay them when you ordered the item.

    From the Gearbest site…

    If there is some problem receiving the delivery due to Customs

    Usually, when you import goods from Gearbest, the packet will be inspected by your local Customs office.

    There's usually no reason to worry because:

    Gearbest provides all the necessary paperwork for your shipment;

    In most countries it's pretty easy to import most kinds of consumer electronics;

    The actual process of customs clearance is usually handled completely by the delivery company (e.g. UPS, FedEx, DHL);

    If there is any duty (import tax) or other charges to pay, the courier will usually pay it first and deliver the products to you, and you pay the costs later.

    We keep track of all our deliveries. In the event that an order is delayed in customs or experiencing other issues, please feel free to contact us and we will contact the shipping agent on your behalf.

    Customs Liability

    If, for any reason, the products cannot be delivered to you due to a Customs problem, we will discuss with you case by case about how best to handle the issue(s).

    If goods cannot be delivered due to restrictions in your own country, this is solely your responsibility. For example, if you decided to try to import an Android phone, but this technology is illegal or restricted due to local laws in the delivery destination country, that is your responsibility to know about before you order from Gearbest. If the delivery failed for that reason, we cannot offer any compensation, because as the importer it's your job to know about the local regulations. Another situation in which you must accept liability is where your country requires you to have a licence to import commercial goods: in this case, it is your responsibility to know about this before you place an order on Gearbest, and in the case of a failed delivery, we cannot offer any compensation.

    As the importer you hold sole legal responsibility for responding to questions about imported goods delivered to yourself. Import duties, sales tax, and any other customs charges and fees, are your sole responsibility, as described in our terms and conditions. If a delivery fails because you do not respond in time to Customs communications, or you refuse to pay the applicable charges, we cannot offer any compensation.

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    You lose your money and the item is returned

    You agreed to pay customs duty when you ordered, you broke the contract, no refund is due

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    if u do not want to pay the duty the post office will NOT release u the package. duh. u go to a post office to get your package and required to pay customes, u don't pay - say bye bye to package and u will not get your money back from alibaba site. how dumb are u

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    Of course you are NOT going to get your money back. You have to RETURN the item per their return policy in order to get your money back and changing your mind after it has been shipped does not eliminate your owing customs' fees. When it arrives at customs, you owe the customs fee, whether or not you pick up your item. And they won't ship it back. It will go into a dead package pile. After a while, everything in the dead package pile will be sold to the highest bidder. Why would customs pay to return your item, when they haven't even been paid what you owe them for the product? That makes no sense at all.

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